Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Little Moments

It's the little moments, when time stands still. You can catch your breath and notice everything around you. As a mom we don't get those moments very often. When your kids get older and start to grow up you think you will have more time to catch your breath. Not true. You have school, homework, sports, which include practice and games, chores, and all the hundreds of things in between. The little moments when time stands is brief. Be sure to snap a picture because in the blink of an eye your 12 year old is as tall as you and your 10 year old is in love with that one guy from One Direction. (Am I a bad mom because I only know the name of one member of the group, Harry?)

I need to snap more pictures and remember to print them. I also need to get working on my kids scrapbooks. So this little project I did this week for the My Pumpkin Challenge was motivation to get working!

I took an old cd case I had laying around and created this mini picture frame. I slipped the designer paper (from the December My Paper Pumpkin kit) with the picture and embellishments inside the case and then I decorated the outside with the chip board LIFE letters and a button. I am using it as a frame but it can also be a great way to decorate the case that holds a back up disc of photos you might have! It can make a great gift for your family. Like I mentioned above, this is motivation to get back into my scrapbooks since this was like a mini scrapbook page! So fun and easy. Do you make scrapbooks for your photos and keepsakes?

I hope you will head over to the My Pumpkin Challenge for more inspiration! The Challenge this month is "You and Me." Be sure to share your creations we would love to see what you are making!

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