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Inspiration Everywhere

Who knew when I sat down to watch the Big Bang Theory it would inspire me to make a card! Well, that is what happened. Every Thursday, My Man and I have a ritual: we have a yummy dinner and then sit back and watch the Big Bang Theory. We love that show. It cracks us up and we all know that laughing is good for you!

I love all of the characters, though Sheldon holds a special place in my heart........

Yes, that is My Man. We were at a comic book store and I could not resist taking this photo, and then take it one step further by turning it into a funny inspirational poster! (So glad he has a great sense of humor) My mom, dad, and sister love buying him the same t-shirts that the Sheldon character wears. Do you see the resemblence?

Ok, back to my card. As I was watching the show last night, Sheldon was wearing a Rubix Cube t-shirt, and in one of the scenes you can see a Rubix Cube cookie jar in the background, got me thinking.

This would be such a fun card to make! So, l…