Friday, November 2, 2012

Inspiration Everywhere

Who knew when I sat down to watch the Big Bang Theory it would inspire me to make a card! Well, that is what happened. Every Thursday, My Man and I have a ritual: we have a yummy dinner and then sit back and watch the Big Bang Theory. We love that show. It cracks us up and we all know that laughing is good for you!

I love all of the characters, though Sheldon holds a special place in my heart........

Yes, that is My Man. We were at a comic book store and I could not resist taking this photo, and then take it one step further by turning it into a funny inspirational poster! (So glad he has a great sense of humor) My mom, dad, and sister love buying him the same t-shirts that the Sheldon character wears. Do you see the resemblence?

Ok, back to my card. As I was watching the show last night, Sheldon was wearing a Rubix Cube t-shirt, and in one of the scenes you can see a Rubix Cube cookie jar in the background, got me thinking.

This would be such a fun card to make! So, last night I grabbed some of my scrap paper, cut 1"x1" squares and made my card!

Such a quick and easy card. I was able to use scraps I had on hand. The "Remember When" stamp comes from the Word Play Stamp Set (#120651).  I might play with it and try to make one that looks more three dimensional.

The Rubix Cube is such a classic and simple toy. You had to use your mind and your hands to solve the puzzle. I love toys like this, and I think my kids are old enough to appreciate the challenge of something that is not electronic. (I just checked my phone, there is actually an app for the Rubix Cube too. Haha.)

Do you remember the last time you played with a Rubix Cube?

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