Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kawaii Box - Review

I think I have mentioned my obsession of subscription boxes before. Each month I get a Paper Pumpkin, an Ipsy Glam Bag and a Birchbox. My Man gets the Birchbox Man and Loot Crate and my son also gets a Loot Crate each month. The adorable box my daughter has been getting is a Kawaii Box. We all look forward to our surprises each month.

Today I thought I would share my daughters Kawaii Box from Super Kawaii Pop.

My daughter is 10 years old and she loves this box. As you can see from the photos it is full of goodies. She loves the squishies and has been keeping herself busy with everything in the box. She writes notes on the stationary and has a pencil and eraser collection that she organizes in the pencil pouches/box. The first two boxes also contained some sticker flakes!

In the April box she got: from the top, a cute mouse pad, some interactive Japanese candy, a barrette for her hair, an eraser stamp and a cute floral pouch. 

I must admit, this box can appeal to a wide range of ages. It allows my daughter to be creative and to explore new things that we would not typically find at our local store.

I love to see her excitement when she opens her Kawaii box. I guess you can kind of say this is her "allowance" each month. The deal is, she must do extra chores to keep getting this gift each month. She is on the verge of not getting the May box because she has not kept up her end of the deal. I bet this weekend she makes good on her promise. ; )

Here is the breakdown:

  • You can pay for single box or a three month subscription. 
  • It is $20 per box (totally worth it!!)
  • It is run by the sweetest young lady, Emy and her business card features her adorable pug
  • This box is a winner in our books and I recommend it for the cuteness factor alone!
  • Super Kawaii Pop website:

If you are looking for something new and fun this would be a perfect gift. Check it out, besides the Kawaii Subscription Box the shop also sells many other Kawaii items.

Do you subscribe to any fun boxes, bags or kits? I would love to hear what ones you receive each month.

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