Friday, May 23, 2014

Did You Say Queen?

Indeed she did. Queen Isabella of Castile to be exact, not to be confused with Queen Isabela of our household. This is how it went down, "Mom, what am I wearing to my wax museum (this) Thursday." Me, "Say what"? "Don't you remember mom, I told you."

Famous last words.

Hmm, I bet she told me about this project, but it must have slipped my mind. I will take the blame for this, but the 11 year old inside me silently blames Isabela. Sigh. For this wax museum, the students had to pick a historical character to research and then dress in costume for their presentation. The students lined up in the hall and they would give a brief description of their character and guests would try to guess who they were.

So, Tuesday night after her volleyball game we hit the thrift store and the party store for a costume. I was not going to pay $60 for something she was going to wear for one hour so we dug deep at the thrift store. We found a dress that will do the job, a brown shirt to wear underneath and some gaudy material to make a cape. Wednesday my Grandma sewed the cape for us. We borrowed a petticoat and some shoes from mom. All we needed was a crown. It takes a village right?

You do what you can with what you have on hand. Thankfully, I have lots of craft goodies we can transform, for the crown at least! I drew the crown on a lightweight cardboard and painted it with a metallic craft paint I had in my craft room. Then we embellished it with some Stampin' Up products. Champagne Glass Glitter, 2 way Glue Pen, Champagne Glimmer Paper, and some punches helped transform cardboard into a crown fit for a Queen.

I am pretty sure Queen Isabella did not have black painted nails!

I know this is the first of many last minute projects. What a fun way to remember the last days of 5th Grade. Next year she moves on to Middle School and she will probably have much more complicated projects! I would do it all over again and I think I work best under pressure! Not pictured is the bowling pin she had to paint and decorate to look like Queen Isabella as well. 

Fun times I tell ya! I bet all parents have lovely stories similar to this one. Any tips for me? Maybe you have a story to share? I would love to hear them! 

Have a great weekend everyone. Tomorrow we are having a Minion Birthday for my little Queen! 

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