Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work in Progress

This week I will give you a peek into my Real Life journal. I consider my scrapbooks to be a "work in progress" because I am constantly adding notes and mementos to them. Here is what I have begun in my journal. On the left, I made little his and her lists of a few of our favorite things. (yes, I actually sang that sentence in my head!) I also have some unfinished doodles along the bottom, I plan to add some quotes too! On the right page, I have the photo strip we took at my cousin's wedding. Who ever came up with the traveling photo booth idea is brilliant! Such a great keepsake for the bride and groom and their guests!

As I find ticket stubs of concerts or shows we have seen and come across love notes we have left for one another I will slowly add them to this journal. When we have special moments I will be sure to jot them down so they are never forgotten.

I hope you are finding inspiration to keep your memories alive! Don't forget to share them with us at the My Pumpkin Challenge. Get them in for the January Challenge because next week we will start a brand new Challenge!


  1. Definitely you are great at this dear Boni! Im loving your projects with MPC and your cute photos of real life with hubby and kiddos. Keep making beauty around you! Blessings! Jess

  2. I love doing those photo booths with your. You are so beautiful that every photo turns out stunning.


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