Friday, March 6, 2015

Project Life Our Way

I will confess, I rarely print my photos. They sit in the cloud or on my computer or back up drive. I know I will have them forever. I just have no time for scrapbooking right now.

Enter Project Life.

Last summer, I surprised My Man with a trip to Las Vegas. He had never been there so on his birthday, I packed his bag, woke him up early and told him we are going on an adventure. He thought we were going to breakfast before work! He did not realize a car service was waiting outside to drive us to the airport. He was genuinely surprised. (Let me tell you, it was hard to keep this trip a secret!) We took many photos and had lots of fun. So I decided to print our photos and give Project Life a try. Don't be fooled, My Project Life goodies and photos sat around waiting for some love for over six months. Then, one cold and snowy weekend, I decided to pull out my stash and get to work. Really, it was a team effort, My Man, sat at the table with me and we documented our trip!

First, we sorted through the photos and put them in the order we wanted for our album.

Then we got to work slipping photos into the pockets and picking out Project Life cards to compliment each layout.

We took turns journaling throughout the album.

This photo above was taken from my perspective as we worked away!

We completed our album within three hours. Not too bad! I enjoy showing it off so everyone can check out our trip. It was a lot of fun working on this album with My Man. We laughed and reminisced. We did it our way. Project Life makes it easy to preserve your memories. Your photos and the Project Life cards slip right into the Photo Pocket Pages. If you are feeling creative you can step it up and use the accessory packs and stamps to personalize your album.

Have you tried Project Life? I still consider myself a newbie! Do you have any tips for my next album?

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  1. Thank you for the amazing, surprise trip on my birthday. That was the coolest thing anybody has ever done for me.

    I had fun putting the scrapbook together on that blizzardy Sunday. I got to relive the entire trip all over again, including Las Vegas's scorching 100+ degree summer sun. It warmed me bones on that chill winter day.


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