Friday, February 14, 2014

So Much Love

I am a lucky lady who is surrounded by love. I have an amazing man in my life, two beautiful kids, a loving family and such a great circle of friends. Yes, I am blessed. As we celebrate Valentine's Day today, I need to remember all the love that surrounds me each day. Even when I am being crazy mom, I know my kids love me and they know that I love them.  I am beyond grateful!

To spread some of the love on my blog today I wanted to share what we made at my Valentine's Class.

This first card is my creation. I wanted the chalkboard look!

I got the idea for the Monster Hugs from Julie Davison. She was so kind to share this creation and how to assemble the box. 

Lastly, this idea was from Holly at Rubber Redneck. The only thing I added to this was a mini note card in the front pocket!

Did you make some Valentine's for the special people in your life this year? How about for your kids to swap in their classrooms?

Have a fabulous day. Thanks for stopping by!

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