Thursday, May 26, 2016

All of May!

I have been slacking here this month. This has been one busy month for me. I mean, all my months are busy but these last few weeks have been a bit different. We are swapping rooms in my house. My son is moving into my craft room and my daughter is moving into my son's old room. So right now all of my craft items (ALL OF THEM) are in my living room, dining room and even in my kitchen! My son is almost fully moved into his new room. We just finished painting my daughter's room and can now get her situated. Once she is moved in, I can move my craft room to her old room. I am excited because my new craft room will be bigger and it will give me a chance to re-organize everything! But, being in limbo right now is no fun. 

I did make some Paper Pumpkin projects for the My Pumpkin Challenge though! I apologize I did not have weekly recaps. I should be back to my regular schedule soon!

I hope you will share your creations over at the My Pumpkin Challenge! Did you make the cute wreath from the April kit or did you change it up?

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope to share some pictures of my daughters's bedroom too. It is transforming into something very cute!

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  1. All of your projects are so precious Bonus!! Thanks for all you bring to this team!! Did u know I will be in Denver next month?!?! So wish i could see youuuu!

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